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Hey there! I'm Aneta Mlcakova, a globetrotting model and influencer who's all about that luxury life. Originally from the Czech Republic, I traded it for the scenic vibes of Switzerland, thanks to my awesome boyfriend. We're not just any couple – we're on a world tour, capturing amazing moments with his love for photos and videos.

Equipped with top-notch gear, we're not just traveling; we're crafting stories about the cool places we stay. Come along for the ride, where every adventure is like a picture-perfect postcard from a dreamy resort or hotel.

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All About Me

As an international model and luxury travel blogger, my journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Starting my modeling career at a young age, I've had the privilege of gracing campaigns for prestigious brands like Guess, catapulting me into a world of fashion and glamour. Today, with a following of 1.2 million on Instagram, I've not only made a mark as a model but also as a voice in the luxury travel sphere.


My life took a beautiful turn a few years ago when I moved to Lugano, Switzerland, to live with my boyfriend. It's here, in this picturesque setting, that our incredible story continues to unfold. This move marked a new chapter in my life, one where my passion for travel and luxury began to flourish. As we traveled together, exploring breathtaking destinations around the world, I felt an increasing desire to share these experiences with my followers. From the lavishness of the finest hotels to the hidden gems off the beaten path, each journey was a story waiting to be told.


My Instagram success has been a gateway to global travel and creating captivating content, especially in collaboration with luxurious hotels. Beyond the glitz of runway lights, my journey as a model has been a tapestry of experiences. From strutting for renowned brands to mastering the art of influencing through Instagram, I've seamlessly blended my passion for fashion with the allure of travel.


Now, as I curate content for opulent hotels, each post becomes a visual narrative of my glamorous odyssey, inviting followers to explore the world through my lens. This blog is born from a desire to share, to advise, and sometimes to help avoid the mistakes I've made. It's a platform where I can express my love for luxury travel, offering insights and inspirations to those who wish to follow in my footsteps. Welcome to my world, where every post, every story, is a piece of my journey, shared with you.

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