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Explore the unparalleled luxury of Jumeirah Olhahali Island in the Maldives

Updated: Feb 1

My adventure at Jumeirah Olhahali Island began to reach new heights of luxury from the moment we arrived in Malé. We were warmly welcomed by the hotel staff and led to an exclusive lounge for some brief relaxation. Afterwards, we embarked on the resort's luxurious yacht, choosing this option for the promise of a richer and more flexible journey compared to a seaplane flight. The decision proved to be a winner: on board, the exceptional service included soft drinks, perfect cappuccinos, and chocolates, making the journey pleasant and swift.

As we approached the docking pier, the intense and vivid turquoise color of the sea immediately caught my attention. Despite my numerous visits to the Maldives, I had never seen a sea quite like this. The Jumeirah-style welcome was top-notch, with direct escort to our villa located on the reef.

The villas at Jumeirah Olhahali are truly spacious and luxuriously furnished, with an audio system that fills every corner. Their two-story structure offers breathtaking views of both sunrise and sunset, adding a magical touch to the start and end of each day. The welcome included champagne and fresh fruit. The generously sized outdoor pool provides direct access to the crystal-clear sea. The reef, just a few meters away by swimming, is a real natural spectacle, home to turtles, reef sharks, and eagle rays.

The unpacking service, private cinema upstairs, the option to organize a barbecue or a massage under the stars are just some of the personalized experiences offered by the resort. These details make each stay unique and unforgettable.

The culinary experience at Jumeirah Olhahali is exceptional. The island's restaurants, with sunset dinners in front of the infinity pool, offer a variety and quality of food comparable to the best restaurants in Dubai. However, the real surprise for me was the small artisanal ice cream shop that produces incredible ice creams daily, made with local and fresh products, many of which are grown right on the island. These ice creams, confirmed as excellent by my Italian boyfriend who loves ice cream, have added a touch of sweetness to each day.

The main restaurants, located in a part of the island with breathtaking sunset views, are perfect for an aperitif before dinner. Each of them offers a unique culinary experience, immersing guests in a heavenly environment.

In addition, there is another Greek-inspired restaurant, open for both lunch and dinner, located on the other side of the island. This place, reminiscent of a beach club in Mykonos, offers a lively atmosphere with live DJs in the afternoon, adding a touch of energy to the island's serenity.

As you know, I am a lover of breakfast. The à la carte breakfast offers delicious dishes, and every morning I did not know what to order from the many delicacies available. The international buffet at the resort offers a wide variety of choices, with specialties from every corner of the world. The attention to detail in every meal made the culinary experience truly special.

The resort's SPA, built over the water, offers a unique experience thanks to the transparent floors that allow you to admire the fish below. The diving center and water activities, such as the transparent-bottomed submarine, offer endless possibilities to explore the magnificent house reef.

My experience at Jumeirah Olhahali was unprecedented. Every detail was perfectly taken care of, and our butler Mo made every moment special. The emotional climax of the trip was my boyfriend's marriage proposal during the most romantic dinner of my life - a moment I will recount in a future post. Stay tuned to find out more!


Definitely will tell about this place to my husband !!😊


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