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Luxury Retreat and Northern Lights Magic: Exploring Aurora Collection in Lapland

Updated: Feb 8

I had always dreamed of visiting Lapland and witnessing the magnificent Northern Lights, and we chose the incredible destination of Aurora Collection, located in Saariselkä, Lapland. The journey began in an exciting way because we knew how challenging it can be to see the Aurora, but apparently not in this place. While we were flying to Ivalo Airport, which is only a 30-minute drive from the Aurora Collection, the captain turned off the lights inside the plane and invited us to look out the windows. I couldn't believe it, our first Northern Lights experience, even before arriving in Lapland. A spectacle of lights and colors moving swiftly across the sky. It's a phenomenon that's hard to explain and doesn't do justice in photos or videos compared to seeing it live. As soon as we landed, a staff member from the resort was waiting for us at the airport, and we were taken to the fabulous resort where we would spend 4 fantastic days.

Aurora Collection offers various types of rooms, all with an outdoor jacuzzi. The Sky View Suite is something special; in fact, the roof above the bed is heated glass, so while you're lying in bed, you can look at the stars, and if you're lucky, enjoy a beautiful Northern Lights display while in bed. It's something incredible. In the Arctic Spa Suite, which is a bit larger, you have a private sauna inside your suite. This is magical because you can enjoy the outdoor jacuzzi and have a sauna. For the most discerning guests, there's the Grand Aurora Suite, which features a kitchen and living room area with floor-to-ceiling windows to ensure the best view. It has two bedrooms and a sleeping loft. The Grand Aurora Villas are equipped with a sauna and a private outdoor Jacuzzi.

The resort is magical, and the large windows of the suites overlook the surrounding mountains, creating a magnificent atmosphere with the trees and the snowy landscape. Breakfast is served directly in the room with fresh, local products. Furthermore, the resort staff is available to accompany you and pick you up whenever you want to go for lunch or dinner or simply go on one of the available excursions.

The restaurants in the surrounding areas are very nice and offer a good variety of food, but the most amazing part is the activities you can do, from snowmobile rides to dog sledding with Huskies, to go-karting on the nearby snow track! In short, fun is guaranteed, and you certainly won't get bored.

A special mention goes to the owners of this resort who have designed the suites perfectly, a blend of luxury, elegance, and Nordic minimalism that truly enhances the moments spent in Lapland.

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