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Madifushi: A New Maldivian Resort Experience with Mixed Feelings

After two years away from the Maldives, we decided to return to these enchanted islands, which remain one of our favorite destinations. Choosing a resort in the Maldives is never easy, given the wide range of five-star options, each with its own unique charm. After spending two consecutive years at Hurawalhi, a wonderful experience, we longed to return but also to explore something new. Thus, we were drawn to Madifushi, a brand-new resort located an hour's seaplane ride south of Malé.

The photos of Madifushi's overwater villas, brand new, spacious, and elegantly furnished, with infinity pools with transparent edges and parts of the translucent floor, played a fundamental role in our decision. Moreover, the prospect of visiting a newly opened resort enticed us to book.

Upon arrival at the airport, we immediately noticed differences compared to other five-star resorts: the shuttle was shared, and there was no airport lounge. At Madifushi, I must admit, the villa was stunning, surrounded by the typical azure waters of the Maldives and lush island vegetation. The first impression was really positive: the villa had a bathtub with a sunset view and the possibility to open all the glass windows, creating a continuum between the interior and exterior.

However, as we explored the resort, we became disappointed in various aspects. Strangely, there was no coral reef, and the surrounding area was devoid of fish, a rarity in the Maldives. The option of snorkeling on a nearby island was out of the question due to the resort's excessively high prices.

The resort had only two restaurants, the main one being buffet-only with mediocre quality. The breakfast was disappointing, with pancakes, Eggs Benedict, and waffles prepared long before, thus losing all their appeal and texture. The à la carte restaurant, though beautiful, offered a limited choice of dishes.

We then tried a romantic dinner for a change, but this too fell below expectations. The dinner was located in front of the main restaurant, without any privacy. The beaches were characterized by little and very hard sand, not comparable to the classic white beaches of the Maldives.

Despite some positive aspects, such as the newness of the facilities and the beauty of the villas, the resort did not live up to the standards of other resorts we have visited in the past. Perhaps being a new opening influenced our experience, but it is clear that Madifushi has untapped potential and cannot yet compete with the best resorts in the Maldives.


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